Meldrum Meg's Favourite Websites

The Meldrum Paths Group has been formed.  Website.:-

Meldrum Path Group - Facebook Page Link

Oldmeldrum Community Cafe website.  Making Meldrum Better.


The Outdoor Access Site for Scotland, explaing the repercussions of the 2003 access legislation. 

Aberdeenshire council's site on the implementation of the Core Paths Plan directive as a result of the outdoor access.

Scottish Goverment Site link to relevant sections.

Planning and Maintaining A New Path Taking into account Climate Change


Paths For All - The One Stop Shop for all your Path Queries.  Support and Advice on all things to do with paths.


Oldmeldrum Hillwalking Club Website.  Details of walk itineries, updated every August for the following year.

Goverment link to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan to conserve/protect species.

Lochter Activity Centre Link

Hoodles , North mains Of Barra.

Farm and Wildlife Advisory Group.  Useful advice on land management and conservation of species.

North East Mountain Trust.  Affiliation of walking clubs and members from around the region.  Winter lectures and active support in looking after our wild spaces.  From sea to mountains.

Relevant Pages at The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Sustainable Transport Network.  Encompassing the National Cycle Network and implementing goverment directives to encourage more active lifestyles by developing and maintaining routes.

SAC - Countryside and Environment Courses

Central Aberdeenshire Access Panel - Covers Formartine and Garioch, and offers advice to the  disabled.  Co-operation and advice in the planning process. 

 Journal Of Applied Ecology - The relative effects of raptor predation and shooting on overwinter mortaility of grey partridges in the UK


Mitchells Dairy Website.

For the railway buffs amongst you.

Advice available to dog owners in here re responsible access with dogs. In addition to the code notes under outdoor access links.