I am again able to get out and about, monitoring the contryside for birds, cropping factors and other Summer seasonal factors that require to be taken into account that may impact on the final route chosen as discussions by the Meldrum Path Group (MPG) continue.  This information gathering started independently in 2011 and it continues on the Meldrum Meg Initiative and other possible paths that may be developed in the Oldmeldrum, Inverurie area.  Information gathered and collated is provided at cost with no consultancy charges to MPG, Aberdeenshire Council Access Officers and Sustrans. 


Raising The Necessary Finance and Recruiting Volunteer Input; Both Individual and Local Companies

Initially negotiations with all of the landowners along possible routes is required.  Agreement with the landowners is an essential first step to establish a continuous line from end to end.  This is well underway with only two to agree still in principle.  These two are at the Oldmeldrum end.  Once a route is identified detailed practical negotiations will follow.

Some environmental, archeological and other studies have already been completed.  

Then an engineering survey comes followed finally by construction.  Finance will be required to engineer the route taking into account, bridge spans, water levels during flood times and catering for safe passage.


Finally a large input of construction, financed by grants, put into effect and steered by volunteers will take place. 


Any idea for money raising you may have will be welcomed.


Finance to build the track is one aim, finance to fund the maintenance of the track where required (as overseen by volunteer rangers, contracted local farmers and Aberdeenshire Council possibly if adopted ) is a follow on aim.



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