About The Meldrum Meg Way - Past and Future

Meldrum Meg was a name for the old steam engine that hauled the train between Inverurie and Oldmeldrum.  A passenger and goods service ran from 1856 to 1966 until the Beeching Axe fell.


The proposed cycleway and walkway will, with landowners consent, use large sections of the old railway line to connect the two towns again.  It will be a joint effort of all living in the communities of Oldmeldrum, Inverurie and surrounds.  All residents of all ages are called to assist, donate or help in whatever way they are able.  Local funding and external funding will be required once the agreement and co-operation of the landowners along the chosen route is obtained.



The main driving force is to facilitate active cycling, running and walking into the countryside away from roads for health, sport and recreation of the growing adjoining populations.  It is a goverment dictate in effect as long term benefits will result.   It has been found that for every £1 spent on accessible paths that £5 of a saving is made in healthcare. (Download the Paths Benefits Toolkits below) prepared for Paths For All by our local professional path consultants in Tarves www.walking-the-talk.co.uk


In addition with the continuing improvements in electrical cycles, and cycles (not motor cycles) it could be used as a commuter route between Inverurie and Oldmeldrum.

Non motorised transport between settlements and around settlements doing away with the need to "take the car to get out into the countryside" will save immeasurable amounts of journeys over time, reducing CO2 emissions thus helping to save the planet.  Every litre of fuel consumed contributes 2.5 Kg of CO2.  


I wish that no one in our communities and further afield wants global warming to continue unabated with the inevitable consequence that will befall our descendants.  I would wish also that all will do all that they can to give our children and their children a better chance of life.


Do delve into the scientific links below and you will learn why goverments all over the world are frantically looking at ways to develop clean energy and to clean up agricultural and industrial emissions of CO2, CH4 and NO2.  What the future holds, no one person knows as it depends on what we choose to do as communities.  We have a chance, we have a choice, let us hope all involved choose well for all our sakes, but most of all for our children's children sakes.



                                       MEAN, SPEAK and DO WELL.

                     YOU can help make the Meldrum Meg Way happen. 


Links to web pages on earth scale considerations, effect of CO2 and the greenhouse effect.











Path Benefits ToolKit
A summary of the real benefits to communities by having well designed and maintained paths. Helps to obtain National funding. For every £1 spent on paths it saves the NHS over £5(in return) . A really worthwhile community investment all caring people in a community support.
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Appendix 4 - The Commuter Link Section, Inverurie Train Station
From the Inverurie, Rothienorman road rail bridge to the east platform at Inverurie train station. A commuter link to serve the future planned housing this side of the railine.
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SNH - Paths, Linking People, Places and Nature
A Scottish Natural Heritage Publication. For personal information only.
SNH - Paths - linking people, places and
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